Autumn Blaze Bassets

  Canadian Kennel Club Registered  

- Available Adults -

*Retirees available - late summer 2018*

We currently have an adult pair of bassets for retirement.  I would really like to keep these guys together as they get along really well and are quite bonded with each other. It also make adjustment to a new home easier on them and you too. If you are interested in more information, please contact me at [email protected]

  We do occassionally offer our breeding males and females to approved homes when they are retired from our breeding program.  We take as much care placing these girls and boys into new homes as we do our puppies.  We prefer to place these retirees in a home with another basset or in pairs(preferred), as they have always been around other bassets here.

  When you get a retiree from us, they will be up to date on their vaccines, had a full physical by our vet and will be spayed/neutered.  The cost of one of our retirees is $500 to help cover veterinary costs of updating their vaccines and having them spayed/neutered.

  When they leave here, they are neither crate trained or housebroken to a human home.  However, because of the way they are housed here, they are housebroken to their home in the kennel.  The adults very rarely "mess" inside.  They already want to go outside and  they know how to whine to get what they want. Simply taking them to the same door and the same place outside regularly  is a good way to get them started on their housetraining.  The feedback that I get about housetraining one of our retirees, is that they can usually be fully housetrained within a few weeks. 

Please call or email to be put on a waiting list for a retiree